Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wednesday's Website of the Week

Yes, that's right, I've changed my mind!
I thought having WWW on a  dedicated "page" at the top of the blog would be a great idea, but have decided that's not what I want after all!

So, here we go .... I am re-posting the items from the  former "page" called "Wednesday's Website of the Week"  to the main blog. I will continue to add a different site every Wednesday - wireless connection and energy permitting!

As always, if you would like to see your blog / site or good ideas included on "Rainbow and Sunshine,"

Wednesday 20th October, 2010

Kent ICT / Kent Trust Web
Where to begin? This site provides a Subjects area for all ages and resources for teachers.

Games - PSRN, CLL, Make and DO.
You'll find the "Tricky Word Tree" under CLL!

Early ICT  - " Within it you will find learning and teaching activities and resources for Early Years and transition into Key Stage One. Click on the themes or pictures below to find out more...

Sebastian Swan -  Find out about Sebastian - he even has his own blog!
There are books to read, links for Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Teachers, Parents

Wednesday 29th September, 2010

The Crafty Crow - a children's craft collective
This wonderful site belongs to the talented Cassi who finds and shares fantastic resources for art, craft, tips, tools and ideas for children.

The category list is extensive - you're sure to find something you'll want to make and create with your children.

The autumn activities that are featured now are wonderful. You'll find "Felt Fall Leaf Cape," "Fall Tree Cupcakes," "Fall Leaves and Mod Podge" and so much more.

Always inspiring. Take a peek today. Take a peek often.

Visit Cassi's other site, Bella Dia where you'll see her work and find even more inspiration!
Wednesday 22nnd September, 2010

Nancy Music

“Nancy Stewart is a children's singer - songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. The website is dedicated to providing FREE songs, resources and information for teachers, parents, librarians, and home schooling families.
Nancy allows you to download her music free of charge.”
We’ve made a CD of some of our favourites.
There is sheet music with lyrics to print and many songs have activity suggestions.
This site is a firm Rainbow & Sunshine Favourite! - We are currently singing and dancing to “Dancing Rainbow Colors" and "Clean Up Song"

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