Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hot Cross Buns


Rainbow Class and Sunshine Class have been learning the song  Hot Cross Buns. 
That's the easy part!
While singing, they've also been learning to play a clapping game in two circles!
To play the game, the children make an inner circle and an outer circle. The children face each other in pairs.
While singing the song, the children make a clapping pattern: 
                            C  -  clap your own hands
                            T  -   tap your thighs
                            P  -   pat partner's hands

                                Hot   cross   buns.
                                  T       C        P                                
                                Hot   cross   buns.
                                  T       C        P            
                    One   a penny.   Two   a penny. 
                      C        P             C        P
                                Hot   cross   buns.
                                  T       C        P
                      If you    have no   daughters,
                         T                C              P
                       Give them   to    your sons.
                        T               C             P
                   One   a penny.   Two    a penny. 
                     C        P            C          P
                              Hot    cross    buns.
                                T        C         P   

When the song ends, the children in the outer circle move to the right to a new partner.

The song and clapping actions begin again with each new partner.
The children in the inner circle stay where they are!
We start off very slowly until everyone is sure of how to play and gradually build up speed.
By the end of the game, the children in the outer circle will have moved back to the same person they started with at the beginning of the game.

Click on the picture below to open in a new window then print.
This game is lots of fun and a firm Rainbow and Sunshine tradition thanks to Mrs. George!

We've been for a walk to the bakery this week to buy  a hot cross bun to eat at snack time. Each child paid for their own bun. We are learning about money as well as Easter traditions!

If you want to make your own hot cross buns this Easter go to Angela's Recipes Blog and find her delicious recipe at: 


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